Visiting Scholars

2018 Visiting Scholars

Visiting scholars typically visit the Board for several days or more in order to interact with staff economists.

Name Affiliation Topic
Gauti Eggertsson Brown Kaldor and Piketty's Facts: The Rise of Monoploy Power in the United States
Rios Rull UMN Banking Dynamics and Capital Regulation (joint with Tamon Takamura and Yaz Terajima)
Brigitte Madrian Harvard - Kennedy Borrowing to Save? The Impact of Automatic Enrollment on Debt
Uday Rajan Michigan Making Money: Commercial Banks, Liquidity Transformation, and the Payment System, with Christine Parlour and Johan Walden and Contracting on Credit Ratings: Adding Value to Public Information, with Christine Parlour.
Harald Uhlig Chicago Money Markets, Collateral and Monetary Policy; and Some Simple Bitcoin Economics
Vincenzo Quadrini Southern California Growth of Emerging Economies and Global Macroeconomic Instability; and Commitment and Competition
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Last Update: January 24, 2019